Important Dates

You can subscribe to my calendar for this class by adding the following URL in Google Calendar/iCal:

Final Project

  • Key Dates:
    • Proposal due: Monday Oct 31st in class
    • Presentations: In-class from 2016/12/02 thru 2016/12/09
    • Final report due: On GitHub & RPubs by Friday Dec 16th at 5pm
  • Final project details here
  • Master copy on GitHub to be forked is here
    • Fill in the README.Rmd file and Knit. This will create, which will be the cover page for your repo
    • Push/commit all files necessary to reproduce your final report


Click here for the peer feedback form. Presentation schedule:

Fri 12/2 Mon 12/5 Wed 12/7 Fri 12/9
  Shania Nina Connor
Andrea Bianca Kyra Emily
Alden Alex Brenda James
Amanda Yuchen Trisha Katherine

Past Examples

  • Previous instances of Data Science
  • They should all (in theory) be reproducible (if you need help, let me know)
  • To view project
    1. Try to locate .Rmd and corresponding .html file of interest
    2. For .html files -> click on them -> View Raw -> Append to the URL so that you can view a rendered html.
  • Ex: Delaney Moran

Library 105A Discussion Presenters

Here are the presenters for each HW; we’ll determine HW-5 later. Please check the Google calendar below for exact dates of Library 105A discussions. Feel free to divy up questions amongst yourselves; if you don’t specify a preference, I’ll randomly allocate questions.

HW-1 HW-2 HW-3 HW-4
Andrea Brenda Nina James
Alden Alex Connor Bianca
Amanda NA Yuchen Shania
Trisha Katherine Emily Kyra

Homework 5

Homework 5 is posted here.

  • Assigned Wed 11/16
  • Submission due Wed 11/30 (everyone must submit this)


Homework 4

Homework 4 is posted here.

  • Assigned Wed 11/02
  • Pre-submission due Wed 11/09
  • Submission due Wed 11/16 (everyone must submit this)
  • Library 105A Discussion and post-submission due Mon 11/28 (after break)


Homework 3

Homework 3 is posted here.

  • Assigned Wed 10/19
  • Pre-submission due Wed 10/26
  • Submission due Wed 11/2 (everyone must submit this)
  • Library 105A Discussion and post-submission due Wed 11/9


Homework 2

Homework 2 is posted here.

  • Assigned Wed 10/5
  • Pre-submission due Wed 10/12
  • Submission due Wed 10/19 (everyone must submit this)
  • Library 105A Discussion and post-submission due Wed 10/26


Homework 1

Homework 1 is posted here.

  • Assigned Wed 9/21
  • Pre-submission due Wed 9/28
  • Submission due Wed 10/5 (everyone must submit this)
  • Library 105A Discussion and post-submission due Wed 10/12


  1. You must submit the submission step due on Wed 10/5.
  2. You must submit either the pre-submission (Wed 9/28) or the post-submission (Wed 10/12) step, having incorporated any feedback from earlier submissions.
  3. Feel free to submit all three steps if you want extra feedback.
  4. All submissions are due at 9am.

Homework 0

Homework 0 is posted here. It does not involve any content; it will merely be a practice run of the homework submission process for the semester. I expect there to be some hiccups this first go round. As such, I suggest you start early. Do not spin your wheels if stuck, please speak to me.

  • Assigned Wed 9/14
  • Due 9am Wed 9/21