• Slides: Introducing Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and mining tweets with twitteR package
  • In-class exercise:
    • Packages to install: twitteR
    • Code: Lec20.R

Authenticating the twitter API

  • Install twitteR package from RStudio (homepage is here)
  • Create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.
  • Create a Twitter application at the Twitter Application Management page by clicking “Create New App”. Give it whatever name, description, and use as the webpage.
  • Click the “Keys and Access Tokens” tab
    • Note your “API key”, “API secret”
    • Click on “Create my access token” button below and note your “Access Token”, and “Access Token Secret”.
  • Replace the four values below with the values in your “Keys and Access Tokens” page and run (no spaces or line breaks). Indicate yes to the prompt: “Use a local file to cache OAuth access credentials between R sessions?”
  "API key", 
  "API secret", 
  "Access token", 
  "Access token secret"

# Testing
some_tweets <- searchTwitter("election", n=100, lang="en")

After-Class Updates