• Access course webpage via go/math116
  • Problem set 1 is now posted
  • Talk about DataCamp on Resources page
  • How to transfer files from/to your computer to/from RStudio Server
    • Upload to server: Files panel -> Upload
    • Download from server: Files panel -> click on file you want to download -> More -> Export…


  • Activity: As a team, take 3 minutes to come up with
    1. A couple of male and female names that are “more modern”
    2. A couple of male and female names that are “more old-fashioned”
    3. More difficult: One male and one female name that are “back in vogue”
  • Slides on R packages
  • Intro to R Markdown
    • Quick tour
    • Slides introducing R Markdown
  • Download this file to your computer, then upload it to the RStudio Server as described above: babynames.Rmd
  • Investigate your guesses from the in-class activity!

After-Class Updates