Fall 2015

  • Instructor: Albert Y. Kim
  • Email: aykim@middlebury.edu. Don’t be this person.
  • Office: Warner 310
  • Times:
    • Lectures:
      • Section A: MWF 9:05-9:55 - Warner 506
      • Section B: MWF 10:10-11:00 - Warner 507
    • Labs:
      • Lab Y: Th 9:30-10:45 - Sunderland 202
      • Lab Z: Th 11:00-12:15 - Sunderland 202
  • Office Hours:
    • M 2:00-3:30
    • W 12:30-2:00
    • or by appointment

Course Description

This is an introductory probability and statistics class where a conceptual understanding of the material will be stressed. Goals of this course include:

  • Expose students to statistical concepts, including sampling, data visualizations, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and regression.
  • Give students experience manipulating and analyzing data using the R statistical software package.
  • Introduce the theory underlying statistics, including probability, distributions, the central limit theorem, etc.
  • Develop statistical literacy.
  • Tie in the curriculum to current events, demonstrating the importance statistics plays in society.

Course Schedule

All problem sets and solutions will be posted on the course Moodle page.


  • Textbook: OpenIntro Statistics 3rd Edition by Diez, Barr, and Cetinkaya-Rundel. This textbook is available
  • Software: We will be using the R statistical software package via the RStudio Server interface, which you can access via your web browser at https://rstudio.middlebury.edu (note the https and not http). Note if you are off-campus you must first log into the Middlebury VPN.


Item Weight Notes
Quizzes 5% Lowest score dropped. Relevant reading/video posted on Moodle the week prior with quiz taken at the beginning of lab.
Homeworks 35% Lowest score dropped. Lab HW assigned/due on Thursdays, written HW assigned/due on Wednesdays.
2 Midterms 30% In class.
Final 30% TBA


  • Quizzes:
    • There will be no makeup quizzes.
  • Homeworks:
    • Homeworks are due at the beginning of lecture/lab.
    • Unstapled homeworks and homeworks without names/section numbers will be penalized 25%.
    • Please do not email submissions; ask a classmate to print it for you.
    • Late (defined as after lecture ending) submissions will be accepted up to 2 days after the due date at a 25% penalty per day. If you submit late, your graded homeworks might be returned late as well.
    • You need to show all work to receive full credit.
  • Midterms and Final Exam:
    • There will be no make-up exams nor rescheduled exams, except in the following cases:
      • serious illness or death in the family only if documentation is provided.
      • athletic commitments or religious obligations only if documentation is provided and prior notice is given. In such cases, rescheduled exams must be taken before the rest of the class.
    • All midterms/exams will require a scientific calculator. Smartphone calculators will not be accepted.
  • Absences:
    • There is no need to inform me of absences for lecture/lab. Please consult Moodle and your peers for what you missed.
  • Grading:
    • If you feel there is a grading error (with the exception of point total arithmetic errors) please fill out and print this regrade form and submit it to me attached to the assignment in question.
  • Honor code:
    • While I encourage you to discuss homeworks with your peers, you must submit your own answers and not simple rewordings of another’s work. Furthermore, all collaborations must be explicitly acknowledged on your submissions.


  • Academic accommodations for disabilities: To request academic accommodations due to disabilities, please contact Student Accessibility Services.
  • Tutoring: TBA